Tuesday, 29 March 2011


When I was going home soft white snowflakes danced in the air. It was beautiful. All over me nature was gray, cold, depressed and apathetic,  but then came snowflakes and returned peace and harmony to this area.
White fly landed on my lips, after the second there was only a drop of water, she died. Envoys of winter gave way to spring rain.


  1. The way you described it is very nice. I think that even if snow is cold, it can represent a warm feeling too =). I love it.

  2. I've never seen snow (it's so sad, I know xD), but it has to be nice to see the snowflakes falling from the sky.
    Nice text =)

    PD: The text "Date a girl who reads" isn't mine, I just founded it on the internet and I wanted people to know it, because I loved it.
    (Yes, my english is really bad, sorry. Spanish education isn't good in that way).

  3. Silhouette, come to Latvia, we have a lot of snowflakes :DD P.S.My English is bad too

  4. Can I stay at your home? (Just joking, lol)
    And no, your english is pretty good, I think.