Saturday, 9 April 2011


Couple of days ago I was in the awful mood in the morning. I hated everything around me, everyone, most of all myself, but I took my body under control and got out from a bed. I went out to the blurred morning keeping hope for the good outcome.I was lucky. The stars were supportive to me or  maybe my helper was book by Charlotte Bronte, I occasionally opened it during this day.

Among the passers-by that day I noticed something unusual. I smiled because of the small girl, who already was trying to look like a mature woman. She hold a lead in her hand. She went to a walk with her very big dog. Honestly, it was a Labrador puppy, but this puppy was trying so hard to raise proudly  his head up, that it produced to me feeling that he is an adult dog.

Woman was coming from the shop with a heavy bags, she was tired, and then she saw the same scene I was watching. She smiled. We faced looks. In that moment I realized, that people are still able to enjoy simple events, that a  mask what we put on our faces when go outside has not froze at our faces.

She straightened her back and moved on. I'm sure it made her day.


  1. Those... Are real or fictional stories? Anyway, I enjoy them. They're easy to read and interesting, with a nice message. I specially like this one.

  2. Thank you! And yeah, that's real. Just a little something I noticed.