Sunday, 10 April 2011


I don't know what to write obviously, but I need to tell you about this event. A week ago, I went to the RFW- Riga Fashion Week. It was an amazing show. I loved that atmosphere. Gorgeous people around. Ideas. Beauty. Creativity.

I am glad, that one of my friends reached a place around the fashion. He will be known, I have no doubt! He already met a lot of celebrities. It happened so fast. I do remember our talks before first visit to fashion show. We were so excited, he was a little nervous sitting in a first row. It happened six months ago. Now, he is telling me about partying all night in the club with the cream of Riga's society.

He always knew that he deserves a place there.

But do I have enough of talent, if I have it at all, to succeed, or is this just a silly fantasy?    


  1. That's so good for him!
    And I think that everyone is talented =) and have special and unique skills for something. If you want to reach something you really wish, you will get it for sure. Good luck for you two! =)

  2. Thanks! And good luck for you too, you will need it during exams!